About us

   Roosi Soosaar, CEO

I am an agricultural producer who founded NGO Soil Innovation Cluster in 2015 to deal with an acute topic in the field of agriculture –  soil protection. I see agricultural innovation in everyday practices that make food production environmentally sustainable, but consider it important that the solutions developed are also suitable and can be implemented in local agricultural production. Together with the members of the cluster, I am taking steps to give the next generation better soil and an intact food system. I have studied agriculture, law and accounting. In addition to the cluster, I run my own asset management company and raise three children.


Our members represent crop and livestock farmers and sturdy agricultural producers all over Estonia. 

  1. Adrijan OÜ
  2. Alltech Eesti OÜ
  3. Avanduse Agro OÜ
  4. FIE Järve-Lotuse talu
  5. FIE Sukahärma Märdi talu
  6. Golden Fields Factory
  7. Growing Crops OÜ
  8. Hummuli Agro OÜ
  9. Kõljala Põllumajanduslik osaühing
  10. Osaühing Rabaveere Farm
  11. OÜ R-honey
  12. OÜ Uuetoa talu
  13. OÜ Valdereks
  14. OÜ Voore Farm
  15. Rannu Seeme OÜ
  16. Saareõue OÜ
  17. Smart Agri OÜ
  18. SoilYoga OÜ
  19. Soone Farm OÜ
  20. Torma Põllumajandusosaühing
  21. Trimerol OÜ
  22. Vändra AS


The innovation-based development of our activities is supported by international partnerships. In order to fulfill the objectives of each project, we work closely with companies and research institutions whose professional competence and contribution to the sustainability of Estonian agriculture and rural life is considerable.

Aakri Consult OÜ