Precision Agriculture

Development of a calculation model suitable for a location and need-based fertilisation of crops via remote sensing solutions.

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Catch and Cover Crops

Development of catch and cover crop mixtures and agro-techniques for soil nutrient remediation and better crop yields.

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Organic Fertilisers and the Potential of Biochar

Innovative solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of organic fertilisers.

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Biological Plant Protection for Canola

Evaluation of the effectiveness of new ecological plant protection methods for cruciferous crops.

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Development of Prototype Soil Sensors

Soil data collection and  implementation of soil health indicators for sustainable agricultural production.

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Granulated Organic Fertilisers

Focus on the development of  fertilisers enriched with mycorrhizal fungi,  essential soil nutrients and minerals. 

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Soil Quality Assessment

Soil assessment focuses on dynamic aspects to evaluate the sustainability of land management practices through measuring soil physical and chemical conditions and biodiversity.

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Clubroot Control for Cruciferous Crops

Measuring the efficiency of developed organic fertilisers and biological plant protection formulas to reduce problems caused by pathogenic organisms.

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Research activities focus on boosting biodiversity levels in European agro-ecosystems in order to improve the stability and resilience of arable land and increase crop yields sustainably.

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